Sex Therapy Pt. 2

My friend put it perfectly in her response to my stressed anticipation of my first Sex Therapy session.  “[It] becomes real and you have to confront it.  Maybe that’s a good thing, though.  You have to deal with it.  It is a part of your life, whether you like it or not.  It does affect how you conduct romantic relationships.  These are all things that are better to become accepting of rather than ignored.  If you ignore it, then eventually you will have to deal with it.  Where as [if] you accept it as part of your life, it makes dealing with it on a regular basis a little easier.  The downs are not so down, and the ups are more rewarding.”

I was really surprised to have enjoyed my therapy session yesterday.  My therapist is the same age as I am, and kind.  We laughed about her jogging in her Pussy Hat and getting weird looks from her neighbors.  I was able to just be.

She asked me a few questions that were probing, but for the most part it was very surface level — stuff I typically discuss about my condition with friends.  Stuff I’m used to talking about.

I know that this is to help me build trust and not be shocked during the first session.  But it was just nice to say something about my condition and have the person listening know exactly what I mean.  She didn’t get stiff when talking about a broken medical system or identifying specific lady parts.  She wasn’t scared of my anger or sadness.

I left with a smile on my face.  I felt empowered.  Heard.  I suppose that’s the same thing I’m trying to do with this blog.  I tell my story to validate and empower other women.  If ever I put a smile on your face, please let me know.  ❤

More to come…


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